Top Quality Drywall and Acoustic Ceiling Services

KENPAT Multi Family Construction maintains a team of highly skilled, professional, and experienced craftsmen. We look at every job as a unique opportunity to demonstrate our ability and quality.Your choice of a drywall contractor for your multi-family project is critical because efficiency is everything. A contractor like KENPAT Multi-Family Construction, who knows this business inside and out, will get in and out with a minimal impact on your budget.

Here are just some of the services we offer:

Drywall - Fabrication and installation in multi-family applications

Metal Stud Framing - Rapid installation of metal studs for all applications

Finishing/Texturing - Perform a variety of textures and finishes from basic to custom applications

Acoustical Ceiling Installation - Suspended acoustical ceiling tiles are made in various sizes, shape and textures. KENPAT Multi-Family Construction is experienced in all types of acoustical ceiling installation and can easily assist you with your project.